Logo and Brand Design

You've decided to launch a new business - congratulations! Now to make it look and feel like the brand that you have in your head...


Creating a logo is an incredibly creative and personal project. You have to be open to exploring and getting it wrong over and over again. That's because a logo is just one part of your overall brand. A simple set of image and text to somehow encompass your entire brand. How does that even happen?


My Process

  1. Consultation First we set up a 30 minute consultation phone call to discuss your business and what you're trying to accomplish 
  2. Words & Imagery Next we explore what you want your band to embody through words and imagery. Sometimes we nail it on the first try. Sometimes it needs a few tweaks. And sometimes this step takes a TON of back and forth. 
  3. Inspiration Then I grab inspiration with a sample of logos from existing brands to get a sense of what style you are drawn to.
  4. Pen to Paper Once we agree on these things, I put pen to paper. I present MANY options at first to get a sense of what you're drawn toward. I want your gut and what feels right. You'll noticed with The Boathouse logo that the final logo is no where to be found in the initial iteration.
  5. Narrow Down From there we narrow, narrow, narrow. It usually takes about 2-3 rounds and then we land on IT. The logo. You sleep on it and then if you come back the next day and still go yes, yes, yes, then we have the brand identity that matches you. 

The whole process takes ~2-3 weeks. As an artist and painter, I definitely have a specific style, but this process isn't about me - it's about you. I've gone through this process many times and it's crazy how different the outcome is each time. It's a journey and the outcome is so rewarding! 


Two packages:

Logo Design

  • For those of you who have an idea of a logo in mind and just need support to make it look professional and ready for multiple mediums (website, social, print, etc.) 
  • $250


Brand Design 

  • Custom Logo (Sent in JPG with multiple sizes and vector file)
  • Font
  • Custom Colour Palette
  • Will create a dark and a light version for different backgrounds
  • $750